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Charlotte's Commercial Pressure Washing Crew

Keeping your commercial property in Charlotte in excellent condition is as easy as keeping up with our exemplary commercial pressure washing services! As a local business owner, your property can benefit from our commercial pressure washing services in aesthetic and physical ways. Proper maintenance of your business building will keep it looking beautiful and attractive to customers while helping it avoid future damage so that your investment can serve you well for a lifetime.

Our local professionals are proud to provide the most exceptional commercial pressure washing services in Charlotte to cater to all of your property's maintenance needs. We offer building signage & awning cleaning, building washing, dumpster pad cleaning, graffiti removal, oil & rust stain removal, red clay stain removal, sidewalk cleaning, and storefront cleaning for our valued commercial customers. When it comes to pressure washing in Charlotte, there's no better company to rely on than our tactful professional team here at Surge Pressure Washing!

Building signage awning cleaning

Building Signage & Awning Cleaning

Make sure your business looks impressive at all times by keeping up with this effective commercial pressure washing service! We keep these welcoming elements as beautiful as possible with carefully conducted cleaning processes that never damage these important elements of your commercial property.

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Roadside Signage Cleaning

We make sure your brand voice speaks loudly and proudly to customers no matter where your signage is. Keep up with this service and maintain the high-quality caliber of your brand voice in the process!

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Drive and walkway cleaning

Drive & Walkway Cleaning

These beautiful elements of your property need to be cared for to ensure a safe experience for you and those who use them. Get rid of slippery and damaging substances by keeping up with this premier commercial pressure washing service!

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Dumpster pad cleaning

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Your property is only as clean and beautiful as its filthiest element, which is typically the dumpster pad. Keep it sanitized and visually appealing by using our dumpster pad cleaning service as often as needed!

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Building washing

Building Washing

This commercial pressure washing service keeps your curb appeal on point while helping you to avoid dealing with damage from the accumulation of extraneous substances on the exterior surfaces of your property. The benefits of building washing are extensive, and the service is affordable and convenient!

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Storefront cleaning

Storefront Cleaning

We clean your storefront in the way you want us to and in accordance with your busy schedule. You can count on this premier commercial pressure washing service to beautify your property conveniently and affordably!

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