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House Wash in Boiling Springs, NC

House Wash in Boiling Springs, NC

I have been driving by a building in boiling springs, NC that I noticed needed some cleaning and I got in contact with the owner to see if they would like for me to come and get the building cleaned for them. They were grateful that we contacted them and said of course they would like to have it cleaned and when could we come out to clean it. I told them that we would be out the following week to come and clean it and thank you for the business.

The next week came around and it was a cold windy day and Surge Pressure Washing came out with the right equipment. I started lining up my houses on the ground so they would not get tangled and started spraying some detergent on the building and watched the mold and mildew disappear quickly. The building did have some lichens which after spraying some detergent I used a soft brush to gently clean the lichens off the building. As I was waiting for the detergent to finish cleaning and sanitizing the building, a buddy I knew from town I had not seen in a while stopped by to chat and catch up. After I got talking to my buddy I rinsed all the detergent off the building and starting winding up my hose and cleaning up. I was very satisfied how the building came out and I cant wait for the next project.

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