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Tank Wash in Rocky Mount, NC

Tank Wash in Rocky Mount, NC

I was contacted by Cutting Edge to come and clean a tank in Rocky Mount, NC. I was asked if I could come and get the tank cleaned before Wednesday. I told them that I was available on Tuesday to come and get the tank cleaned. When I got there, I got to meet the manager who was super helpful on where to stage up to clean the tank. We got to talking about the pressure washing machine and asking if this was something custom and how it worked. The manager was an engineer, and so he was interested on how the machine worked, and I explained how the trailer was set up and how it worked. After getting finished with the tank wash, the manager asked if I was local, and I told him that I was not local. He then began to tell me how he was trying to get the place cleaned up and asked what kind of things I clean, and I told him that I wash houses, concrete, and fleets. I told him I was interested in coming and cleaning the building and sidewalks. It was a pleasure getting to talk to him.

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