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Pressure Washing Charlotte & The Entire Carolinas With Pride!

We're proud to offer the best pressure washing services available in Charlotte! Our customer service is exceptional and the results of our services are unparalleled in the area. We work with your best interests in mind, treating you and your property as if it were our own.

When you trust Surge Pressure Washing with your pressure washing needs in Charlotte, you're relying on local experts who care. We're here to get you the curb appeal you'll be proud of while preserving the structural integrity of your property in the process. Take care of your most meaningful investments by taking advantage of all of our affordable and convenient pressure washing services whenever they're needed.

Why Hire the Pros?

We know you're looking for the best possible care for your property's exterior elements, so we encourage you to rely on our local experts. Don't risk damaging your property by taking on pressure washing projects yourself or hiring subpar care - rely on our soft washing experts instead!

Why Trust the Pros?

Cryogenic Gas Vaporizer / Trifecta De-Icing

Don't let ice get in the way of your cryogenic gas tank's functionality. Rely on us to get your tank back to being optimally operable with our de-icing service!

Cryogenic Gas Tank Services
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Towns We Pressure Washing

We're proud to serve the great towns in our area, including Charlotte, Asheville, Boiling Springs, Forest City, Gaffney, Gastonia, Greenville, Hickory, Kings Mountain, Shelby, Spartanburg, and Winston-Salem. Call on us for all of your pressure washing needs if you own property in these areas!

Residential Pressure Washing

We can cover all of your residential pressure washing needs and all of the routine maintenance appointments required for the proper care and maintenance of the property you love. Rely on us for your deck & fence cleaning, drive & walkway cleaning, driveway washing, house washing, and roof cleaning needs.

Residential Services

Commercial Pressure Washing

Your commercial property is most likely one of your most valuable investments and needs to be properly attended to with regular commercial pressure washing services. Bring us out to your business for all of your building signage & awning cleaning, building washing, dumpster pad cleaning, graffiti removal, oil & rust stain removal, red clay stain removal, sidewalk cleaning, and storefront cleaning needs.

Commercial Services

How Can House Washing Protect Your Home?

Our house washing service helps the property you love last you a lifetime with the removal of potentially damaging extraneous substances like dirt, grime, mold, and algae. If left to fester, these substances can accumulate on your home's exterior surfaces, eventually leading to damage that can be expensive for homeowners to deal with.

How House Washing Protects
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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions

We have the techniques necessary to completely remove spray paint and graffiti from the exterior surfaces of your property. You can rely on us to restore the look of the property you're proud of.

Dealing with graffiti can be an upsetting experience for property owners. Not only is your property one of your biggest investments, but it's also an incredibly meaningful space. Having the beauty of your property violated isn't something we take lightly, and our pressure washing experts are here and motivated to get the job done right.

We'll get your property back to looking its best as if nothing happened at all. Call us as soon as you see graffiti, and we'll have your property back to being beautiful in no time!

That black stuff on your roof isn't just dirt - it can actually be algae! If it's allowed to accumulate unhindered, it can build to a point where it starts damaging the surfaces of your exterior property. This can lead to dealing with expensive repairs or replacements, especially when it comes to your roof.

Roofs are incredibly important to the overall structural integrity of your property. Make sure you take care of algae by calling on our pressure washing experts to treat your roof with a gentle and thoroughly sanitizing roof cleaning service. We'll get rid of unsightly black algae and anything else that could compromise the fortitude of your protective roof!

Our fence cleaning specialists provide the soft washing care your fence needs to continue to protect your property well into the future. Keep potentially damaging extraneous substances from harming the structural integrity of this valuable outdoor asset by taking advantage of our fence cleaning service at least twice every year. Get started by giving our pressure washing specialists a call at 828-351-8408 today!

Avoid slip-and-fall injuries by properly maintaining your portion of the sidewalk with our sidewalk cleaning service! Make our community a safer place to be and for you and your loved ones to thrive by getting rid of slippery substances with this premier service. Homeowners can benefit from our sidewalk cleaning service and enjoy enhanced curb appeal and safety conditions for their property.

How Does Our Pressure Washing Process Work?

We tailor our pressure washing services to meet the unique needs of your property, meet your specifications, and exceed your expectations. We offer gentle soft washing techniques or high-intensity pressure washing respective to the material we're cleaning for professional and damage-free care.

How Does it Work?

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