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Dumpster Pad Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Dumpster Pad Cleaning in Charlotte, NC

I was in Maggie Valley on vacation when I received a call from Missy about getting quoting a dumpster pad cleaning. She was very nice and I asked her how she heard of us and she said that she googled dumpster pad cleaning and my website popped up. I told her I was on vacation at the time but if she didn't mind to send me some pictures that I could quote it remotely. So she emailed me some pictures and I sent her the quote and agreed with the price and we set up a date that I could come and clean it. The day I went to clean it I first cleaned up all the loose trash and then scrapped and shoveled up as much of the grease as I possibly could. Then I sprayed a heavy degreaser on it and sprayed it with our Hot Water Pressure washer. Then I had to repeat the steps again until I got it cleaned. Missy was very impressed and happy with the outcome. Thank you Missy for the oppourtunity.

Location: Charlotte, NC

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